Verifying & Validating Doctors

To be a conduit providing a validated world database of doctors and medical professionals as a reference point to meet the needs and well being of an aging population.

Vetting & Validating Medical Knowledge

To share knowledge amongst global doctors on various
therapies and treatments.

Share knowledge

To share knowledge amongst global doctors on various therapies and treatments.

Verify and Vet

Verify and Vet Knowledge from Key Opinion Leaders (KOLs) globally.


Validated Doctors. Access to the right therapies & treatments.

Trust is one of the greatest costs of doing business. In medicine and healthcare it is even more important. Validating doctors is becoming more and more difficult. Knowing what treatments and therapies are valid, available and which ones works together has become increasingly difficult, requiring new approaches.

About Us

Digital Era Learning & Community Success

GMDVA provides diverse, quality, quick, global learning and community services for clinical decision making based on the latest proven treatments and therapies from around the world.

Global Dashboard

We aim to provide a global dashboard of verified treatments and therapies, as well as, a certified international directory of doctors and other medical

GLOBAL DIRECTORY Built on the Blockchain, Vetted by the Oracle

The Oracle

Credentials entered must first be valid in order for the blockchain to work. GMDVA has established a unique and thorough vetting process built for a digital era.

Once validated by the GMDVA Oracle that verification is put on the blockchain. It is transparent to all who is verified and who is not, while their actual documents are not visible, are held safely and securely.

What We Do

We provide access to learning about holistic, precision and preventative treatments and therapies from around the world, as well as, related emerging technologies.

Doctors will know what treatments and therapies are available and how they work together

Our Values

Trusting. Limitless. Giving. Sharing. Enabling.

Sharing knowledge, procuring needed supplies, providing diverse expert advisors.

Planning and strategy is no longer enough. We must prepare for the future in new ways.

Our Services

Providing network and connections for placement opportunities.

Providing “real life experiences” library of medical knowledge to 2900 medical schools globally

Matching service for volunteer organizations

Pro Tem Committee

Dr. Vincenzo Costigliola M.D.



Robert Yeo

2nd Vice President


David A. Hall

Secretary General

United States

Dr. Leonardo Aguiar

1st Vice President


Aditya Tallapragada



Dr. Alaa El-Hussuna

Publication Committee & Global Conference Chair




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